All in a garden gray

My mother’s garden is so beautiful and vibrant, so I thought it would be interesting to look at it through a colorless prism.



Thinking of Autumn

Today feels like an early autumn day. The air is crisp and cool, and there is a quiet steady breeze blowing.

Here is a little something I wrote in my journal last September after lying down in grass soaking up the sun and watching the clouds (one of my favorite pass-times, when I get a chance).

Lying on the ground cushioned by the last of summer’s lush green carpet, I close my eyes.
The sun embraces me with a warm kiss on the face of her beloved child.
Letting out of breath my soul rises up toward the heavens.
From high above, I can see the earth turning golden and red;
Dotted throughout the emerald hills as the pulse of a heartbeat,
Ever changing growing older with each passing season.
I am brought back down out of my dream by the conscoiusness of my senses
As a crisp cool breath is blown upon me.
Autumn is welcoming me with his quiet steady arms.

Soul Revitalization

Often times I get run down by the rat race of everyday living in the modern world. One way to revitalize my soul is just to be in the forest. I love to drink in the simplicity and interdependence of the natural world. I love to look up at the trees bending with the breath of wind and imagine that God is brushing His hand across them as a child would in a field of wildflowers.


What am I doing?

Blooming Dogwood


My mother, after starting a blog about her own artwork and stories, convinced me that I needed one of my photography and writing. I usually take 20 pictures before I get the one I like or think is good enough to show to others. I don’t always have something clever to say or great to write about. Most of what I write about comes from something I feel passionate about. Like a golden summer morning, the changing of the seasons, my children’s innocence, my husband’s determination and nature in general. I love nature, it is a constantly changing artwork that I continually draw on for inspiration in almost everything I do.  So here it is! Hope you enjoy it Mom! 😉