Parched, dry, dusty and dying, it appeared
laying my head on my pillow and drifting into a dream.

My senses are awakened by the scent of moist earth
riding on a cool and gentle breeze through my window.

Familiar sounds, distant but remembered.
Little pelts on my roof top.

Tiny drops of an antidote for the affliction plaguing the land.
They call it drought. Earth is now quenched.

It has rained.


5 thoughts on “Quenched

  1. beatrix mana 2012-07-14 / 11:28 AM

    I like thought behind the un-droughted weather. It sure was nice to smell the earth and not a bunch of dust. God is good to us,he knows what we need.

    • vanevolence 2012-07-14 / 7:24 PM

      He does indeed know what we need. Even if we don’t think so at the time. 🙂

  2. beatrix mana 2012-07-15 / 2:52 PM

    God knows about our need before we ask! He even blesses and cares for our needs though we ask not Bless us Our Lord !!!!!!!!!

  3. beatrix mana 2012-07-15 / 3:01 PM

    Vanevolence,Pop is the one who replied about Gods Blessings. He used my device to do it so the second reply showed up as me. Love you V, Mother Beatrix.

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