There’s nothing like unplugging from the rat race and taking a weekend to enjoy my family and the outdoors. Most of the time we camp primitive and by primitive I mean no electric. My husband was raised camping in a camper and I grew up camping in tents, in true primitive style. Alas, my love for roughing it has been put aside for the love of my husband. We have a small “cross over” camper (half pop up, half travel trailer). None the less we camp and as often as possible, the kids enjoy it and it is very relaxing to get away from the TV, Computer and cellphones.

This past weekend we went to Green River Lake State Park. This reservoir is not quite as impressive as some of the lakes out west, but we like it and it is close to home. We also camp on a local river on some property my husband’s family owns, where we swim, canoe, kayak and the kids attempt to relocate the gravel bar from the river bank to the furthest their little arms can hurl rocks into the river.  🙂

Here are some photos from our latest camping adventures.

It takes a while to get it just right. You can’t simply fill the pot with water and the basket with grounds and press a button and magically get good coffee in 5-10 minutes (depending on your coffee pot). But percolated coffee is some of the best tasting and well worth the wait.



These dump trucks are the BEST toy we’ve ever purchased. I’d be willing to bet there are nearly 100 miles on these things!











Waiting at the Kids Outdoor Day while Dad learns more about Flintlock and Wheellock Rifles.



























One of my favorite things about camping is I am always the first one up in the morning. Yes, I have to make the coffee, but it is worth it to relish in the beautiful sunrise, start my day off with quiet reflection and praise to the Almighty for a new day.

Do you camp? What are your favorite things about camping?


4 thoughts on “Camping

  1. beatrix mana 2012-06-06 / 3:10 PM

    Vanevolence you did it again, you put joy in my heart and tears in my eyes. I love you and that family of yours. Wonderful photos with the story.

    • vanevolence 2012-06-06 / 3:39 PM

      Thank you Beatrix Mother, really. I love you!

  2. Change My Body...Change My Life 2012-06-09 / 1:18 AM

    I love camping. My family and I go twice every summer. My coffee stinks though. My favourite times are late afternoons lazing in the tent, sleepy from a day of endless swimming.

  3. Kerry's Organized Chaos 2012-06-19 / 3:06 AM

    I couldn’t agree with you more. We camp as much as we can. We were out the 1 – 3 and I blogged about it too. I’m with you about the coffee. Camping percolated coffee is the best hands down. I always get up early and go for a run through the quiet camp ground, then kick back in a chair and read until the rest of my crew wakes up. I’m actually a little sad when I see one of their faces, because I don’t want my peaceful reading time to end! Great Blog!

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