Train Wreckage

I heard something today that is just sticking with me in a bad way. Actually I heard something and read something else that I am just haunted with. Two totally unrelated stories. Two human tragedies. Or tragedies in the making. I won’t delve into what they are. But I can’t help feeling like a person watching trains barreling toward each other and there is nothing I can do. Absolutely nothing in my power of doing will change events that are all but destined to occur.

The thing that haunts me most are the innocents that are along for the ride on these trains. The ones that will be damaged, irreparably, from the carelessness and selfishness of people who are themselves so damaged and broken, they can’t see beyond their own desires and need for self gratification.

I can’t change what is bound to happen, things that are out of my control. Could I, though, pray for the healing of those innocents that are in the wreckage? Is there really hope for them? Do they stand a chance in the drama unfolding? I would like to think so. But I can only hope.


2 thoughts on “Train Wreckage

  1. beatrix mana 2012-05-04 / 1:15 AM

    Sometimes in life when things we here or notice and can do nothing about,the best thing is the very thing we need to do is pray to the Holy Spirit and trust and rely on Him.Sorry to hear that you are sad.Life is so short for people to wreck other innocent lives.

    • vanevolence 2012-05-04 / 1:11 PM

      Very well put. Life is too short. It is so important to think about how my/your actions will affect those around you. If you foresee a negative outcome from your actions, it is probably a bad idea.

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