Good Morning!

I wrote the following poem after seeing a beautiful picture on a tissue box, of all places. I was a little depressed going from a house and 20 acres to an apartment and to add to my feeling of isolation, it was winter. I had a longing to have our own place again. There is a sense of freedom that becomes embedded in your soul when you own the ground you live on and I was missing that freedom. After we finally moved into our new place I cried when I was able to watch the sunrise again, a luxury I took for granted at our old house.

The picture is an old one taken a couple years ago on my way to work. It was fitting for the poem.

I long for a golden morning
When the sunlight reaches out
Across the hills and hollows
To touch our sleepy house

The dew kissed scarlet roses,
The Maple’s emerald hue
And flowers lift their heads
To greet the day anew.

I long for a golden morning
When winter’s icy grasp
Has long since gone away
And grows the lovely grass.

I long to wake beside you
Light streaming through the pane.
The sound of children’s laughter,
Stirring from their sleep, ready to play.

I long for a golden morning
When at last I shall say,
Here’s my golden morning
to start the perfect day.


What am I doing?

Blooming Dogwood


My mother, after starting a blog about her own artwork and stories, convinced me that I needed one of my photography and writing. I usually take 20 pictures before I get the one I like or think is good enough to show to others. I don’t always have something clever to say or great to write about. Most of what I write about comes from something I feel passionate about. Like a golden summer morning, the changing of the seasons, my children’s innocence, my husband’s determination and nature in general. I love nature, it is a constantly changing artwork that I continually draw on for inspiration in almost everything I do.  So here it is! Hope you enjoy it Mom! 😉